5 things to do on an empty stomach!

There are a few things you better not do on an empty stomach
Some people get up early every morning to eat a big, healthy breakfast before they start their day. Then there are people who sneak out late and throw away a cup of coffee as they run toward the shower. Unfortunately, we are part of that second group, which means we often skip breakfast. That’s why we start the day with an empty stomach and eat nothing until we’re already in the office.

Each one goes its own way, of course, but there are a few things you should avoid doing on an empty stomach, as they can damage your body and your health. We want to bet some of you are doing a lot of these things on an empty stomach anyway – we really did it!

Taking medication
There are certain types of medications that you should not take on an empty stomach, such as painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. First of all, it will reduce their performance, but it can also lead to stomach problems and even miscarriage! So, make sure you always eat something before taking these pills, whether it’s just an apple or a banana.

Drinking coffee
We are guilty of this every day, because the first thing we do when we get out of bed is turn on the coffee machine. However it is best to make sure there is something in your stomach before you have the first cup of coffee you need most. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to acid reflux.

Chewing gum on an empty stomach can adversely affect your digestion. It can even lead to gulitis. In addition, research has shown that people who chew gum will seek out unhealthy snacks faster than people who do not.

This does not happen to us very often, but it turns out that sleeping on an empty stomach is not a good idea. You will have a hard sleep problem, wake up prematurely and you will not be able to sleep much, which means you will be at greater risk of sleep deprivation. Your body needs to compensate for this lack of sleep, which means you will crave more food during the day.

Drinking fresh juice
Your stomach has trouble processing acids and fibers in a glass of fresh juice when there is nothing to press down below it. If you drink juice on an empty stomach regularly, this can also lead to stomach upset. Do you really want a glass of fresh juice anyway? Then it is better to dilute it with some water.

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