5 tips to keep your glasses off the top while wearing a mask

No more fog glasses while wearing a mask

In the corona era, wearing a mask is not an option in most cases, such as public transportation. It’s not a problem you can imagine, but for those of us who wear glasses… it’s not good. Wearing a mask means breathing warm air and lifting your glasses. Thankfully there are a few good tips on how to prevent this from happening while wearing a mask.

How do you wear a mask?
Before you get into the tips on how to keep your glasses off, it’s important to know how to wear a mask. First and foremost, you will need to wash and dry your hands thoroughly. After that you will take the mask with stretch bands without touching the mask itself. Then place the loops behind your ears and when you remove the mask, again, just touch the elastics. Store cloth masks in sealed plastic and do not keep used and new surfaces together. Do not put uncovered masks in your bag, as this may lead to the spread of the virus. In this case, the virus can infect some of your belongings.

Tips to avoid blurred glasses
The mirrors overflow because you are breathing on your mask. This causes the warm, wet air to escape through a few small openings, including those under the eyes. Warm air rises and goes behind the lenses of your glasses. What was the result? Annoying, misty glasses need to be dried regularly with a lens cleaner. Try one of the following tips to avoid having to constantly dry your glasses.

Container soap
One useful tip is to keep your glasses out of fogging using dish soap. Apply a small amount of dish soap to the lenses and apply it thoroughly using a lens cleaner (preferably inside). You can also put your glasses in fresh suds before washing dishes.

Shaving cream
Another way is to apply a shaving cream to the lenses of your glasses. Apply a thin shaving cream to the lenses. Using a cloth, rub it on both sides of the lens. Let it sit for a while before washing it with warm water.

Use a different mask
Didn’t this advice work for you? It may be that your mask does not fit snugly over your nose. Buy a mask with a metal strap on top that can create the shape of your nose. This keeps the air very warm from getting out of the mask.

Wear your mask well
It takes getting used to it and a lot of people are not wearing their masks properly yet. Try to keep the mask as close as possible to your eyes while wearing it as low as possible on the nose. This is another way to keep your glasses from slipping away quickly.

Do not touch your glasses too often
For some people it is customary to get in touch with their glasses regularly. When wearing a mask, try to do this as little as possible. This will also prevent warm air from entering the lenses after touching your glasses.

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