6 reasons why you should have a cold shower

It takes practice, but it is very good in your life

Do you know that it is best for you to bathe in cold water regularly? Saying goodbye to your warm shower may not sound appealing, but it is worth it. Lowering the water temperature by a few degrees has six benefits.

  1. Good for your immune system
    Most people believe the opposite, but research shows that cold temperatures actually increase your resistance. With exposure to low temperatures, your immune system grows and you are less likely to get infections and inflammation. The good news: you will get this great result by taking a cold shower for only 30 seconds at a time.
  2. It empowers you
    A new shower releases adrenaline into your body. This can help, especially in the morning: wake you up in an instant and leave the shower refreshed and full of energy. Do you often feel tired at the end of a work day? A cold shower in the evening can be powerful, and it will clear your head.
  3. It can make you happier
    If you can get a cold shower, you will feel good afterwards. As a result of this small victory, your body will release more excited hormones. Will you soon be singing under a cold shower?
  4. Your broadcast is good
    Another good immune response: cold water stimulates your blood circulation and is therefore good for the heart and circulatory system.
  5. It makes your skin glow
    It is very helpful to wash your skin with a cold. High temperatures often create dry skin, while your skin will feel soft after a cold snow bath. With strong and glowing skin, so it is not a bad idea to stand under a cold shower, even if you have loose teeth.
  6. It is often cold
    Okay, you’ll need to bite the bullet during your cold snow bath, but exposing your body to the cold often makes it easier to stay warm during the winter months. Your body, as it were, is trained to heat itself naturally, so that you are less likely to catch a cold at lower temperatures.

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