US NEWS: Old man accused of shooting dead two of his colleagues and seriously injuring another in an Illinois warehouse on Friday has died after he deflected himself

Law enforcement personnel entered the C1 building west of the Bunn-O-Matic building at the time of the shooting, Friday, June 26, 2020, in Skylandfield, Ill. Capital after the shooting of at least one person.

SpordFIELD, – A 48-year-old man accused of shooting dead two of his colleagues and seriously injuring another in an Illinois warehouse on Friday has died after he deflected himself, a city police chief said.

Skyfield police believe Michael L. Collins shot and killed himself Friday after shooting and killing his co-workers at the Bunn-O-Matic Center shortly after 11 a.m. Collins, of Skyfield, also injured another woman, police said.

Collins, the other two men and a woman all arrived to work around 7 p.m. On Friday at the central heating site, Skyfield police chief Kenny Winslow told reporters Friday evening. They all work in the same area, he said.

Winslow said a nearby Morgan County sheriff called his office last Friday to say Collins’ body was found in the suspect’s car. Two firearms were found in the car. No other suspect was wanted.

Winslow released Collins’ name earlier on Friday but later said he would not. The names of the victims were not released, and the name of a female colleague in a critical condition in the hospital.

“Words cannot describe what happened,” Winslow said Friday evening. “I know we all want answers. People want goals. I don’t have that at this time. It is still early in the investigation. “

The bodies of the two workers who died were found by police searching the building. A female employee was found in the parking lot and taken to hospital. Winslow said one of the men died in his 60s, another in his 20s and the woman in her 50s.

“We are trying to make sure that anything is happening today, or that there is any kind of activity that can create something like this,” he continued. “We are looking for a suspect. We are trying to get acquainted with my acquaintances and family members.”

Bunn-O-Matic manufactures distributed brewing machines, and is first installed in Skyfield, according to the company’s website.

One worker described a riot when the gunfire ended an extra day of peace. Charles Bantle estimated that about half of factory workers were unemployed due to concerns about the coronavirus.

“I was in a repair shop and just heard the gunfire start to work,” Bantle told the Republic of Regency (Starfield). “And I’m in maintenance, so I found out something was broken. So I started going for it, I thought it was a heated air compressor or something, and I would have to fix it. But then everybody was screaming and yelling, telling me to go the other way. So we all ran and worked. ”

About 175 workers were at several buildings at the time of the shooting, Winslow said. About 100 workers rushed to the main building, and police gathered them to find out if everyone had left the facility, he said.

“We’re still trying to figure out when he actually left,” Winslow said of the suspect.

Winslow said investigators are cooperating with the federal Alcohol, Tobi, Firearms and Explosives agency to determine if Collins’ firearms are legally available. They also looked at how Collins was able to obtain a weapon at the Skyfield Center.

“I do not know what principles exist at this time to enter the building,” Winslow said. “I don’t know what kind of security they may or may not have.”

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