A divisive return of 70s fashion

In the era of fashion like any other – when live broadcasting became a place to showcase design efforts – the industry thankfully found a way to celebrate the art of dress.

In a roundabout way, the old fashioned way never said goodbye. Like the resurrection, ‘the trend of the 70s is high on the style charts of 2021, with free dresses, flowing silhouettes and leading gypsy colors. They have re-emerged in the modern world with a new transformation. 70s ensembles make a complex fashion statement by amplifying a wave of styles powered by an eclectic combination of dynamic options. This sensitivity is a constant state of fashion and history, over and over again.

Earth tones of corduroy or button down, ‘the’ 70s are back to rule the world. The luxury of handling and repeatedly retro style retro food controls everyone’s wardrobe. Not compromising on a variety of functions, designers are happy to add handkerchiefs, high waists and blazers with a touch of embroidered beauty to the perfect look.

Take for example the glamorous icon, Samantha Prabhu tones rocking the Nirmooha blazer frames and bell bottoms in 2020 to set the fashion trend of the 70s back in 2021.

In keeping with this trend, our latest collection is sassier and is standard with a wide range of frills, wide embroidered belts, scarves and large pants. Stunning shoulders, be it monochrome, flamingo pink or white, straight pants, pointed collars and even geometric prints dominate the style boards. Will we ever stop being discouraged by such tendencies?

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