A lawyer in Dubai is taking a government department to court to recover Dh20 and he wins the case

The fee was charged to a lawyer in Dubai twice while renewing his professional card.

Dubai: Dubai Civil Court First Instance has ordered the Dubai government department to return Dh20 to a lawyer over the dispute.

According to official records, Emirati Attorney Mohammad Al Mansouri, filed a lawsuit against the Government of the Department of Legal Affairs in Dubai for collecting additional Dh20 funds while renewing his technical card.

In February 2019, a notice from the department to the lawyer caused controversy as he was ordered to pay a fine for non-renewal of the card, as well as additional renewal fees.

Al Mansouri told the court he had been working as a lawyer since 2014 and had been renewing the card on time.

After visiting the department, he was told there had been a technical error in the system, according to records.

He applied for a renewal in the event of a second error and was only notified to pay Dh1,000 in renewal fees and to charge an additional Dh20 as information and innovation fees.

In July 2019, he was told he had to pay the remaining renewal fee – another Dh1,020.

According to Al Mansouri, he paid twice the amount of information and equipment due to a department error.

“I don’t need a Dh20 but repeated mistakes by the department are causing me damage. I have visited the department several times to resolve this issue and that has wasted my time, ”Al Mansouri said in an official statement.

He started a civil case demanding the return of Dh20, and compensation of Dh51,500.

A lawyer representing the government department told the court that the department’s system sends automatic notices to the lawyer as a reminder.

The court ordered the state department to pay Dh20 for a lawyer and to pay all legal costs.

The court, however, dismissed the attorney’s application for compensation of Dh51,500.

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