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News Dope occupies a special position in the United State,United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates media, such as the one of the respected English publication, for strong and constructive views, and for the spread of the best news. We have established a strong presence throughout the world with headquarter in Orlando Florida since its inception in 2020. It is the newspaper of new generations of choice not only for those who make decisions, formulate policy, view ideas or are in leadership roles but also for those children who will be a good citizen in the future.

In a democracy, this is less than what students or viewers expect. And of course, the business model that supports most of the news media rarely allows the editors the freedom they need. Worse, it partially undermines professional reporting standards and contaminates the news ecosystem with toxic practices such as editorial planning, paid news and ‘private contracts’. Increasingly, media houses are reluctant to spend money on news gathering; and as they promote second-hand business interests and ‘go nowhere’, their newsrooms are struggling with another issue – especially since these interests often rely on the closeness of politicians and bureaucrats. Is it any wonder that students have begun to notice erosion of professional standards, ethical violations and declining quality? Now they feel transformed.

The premise of The News Dope is the basis of this: if good journalism can survive and flourish, it can only do so financially and financially. This means relying heavily on contributions from students and concerned citizens who have no interest without raising the bar of journalism quality.

As of publication, Wire will be firmly committed to public service and to the values ​​of democracy. In addition to providing analytical and analytical capabilities, the aim is, as our resources grow, to establish ourselves as a platform driven by classic graphic reports on issues of national and international significance. Being on the web also means using new media technologies to change the way news is told. With details and active charts, video and audio are important parts of the narrative structure when allowed.

We start today with a humble note, which can be forced not from our perspective but from our resources. In the meantime, we make a simple complaint: read, share and write our content, and send us your feedback.

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