After the screen gap problem, Pixel 5 users are now facing volume issues

For many, the only way to reduce volume by enabling silent or vibration mode.

It looks like Pixel 5 users are also experiencing problems with the flagship smartphone. This time it’s about phone volume. According to other users on Reddit and Google’s official support forums, there may be two different issues with the device but both are related to the same volume problem.

According to some, the volume dropped randomly while playing videos but others faced a completely different situation. They say the volume rings loudly from time to time to receive notification alerts, screenshots and a camera shoot button in the middle of another audio system. To make matters worse, using a volume slider does not solve the problem at all.

One user of the Google support forum writes “I first noticed this when I was going to record a voice message on WhatsApp; touching the microphone and releasing both of them led to very loud noises. I have tried the same in the native messaging app that came with the phone; while the sound may be almost annoying, it still sounds very strange, ignoring my volume settings. Perhaps the most obvious example is a screenshot sound. These things are noisy and don’t care what I do with my volume sliders. ”

For many, the only way to reduce volume by enabling silent or vibration mode.

Fortunately, Google is aware of this problem but the answer does not guarantee that Google will solve this problem or approve it. A Google social expert said in a post post: “With each new Pixel phone we work to improve volumes to ensure customers don’t miss important calls and notifications. In Pixel ringtone and notification settings are integrated together so these volume changes affect both of these settings. Thanks for your feedback on these settings and we will work to improve future updates on Pixel 5. ”

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