Almost everyone forgets to wash THIS cloth and it can make you sick!

We will wash this thing over and over again from now on!
Winter is in full swing, so you may have to take off your hat, mittens and scarves too. About that scarf, but… How many times have you washed it? You may think that your scarf protects you from the flu, but it actually makes you sick!

Your favorite scarf is a breeding ground for germs.

When winter comes, we like to cover our faces with scarves; it grows better. It turns out that wrapping a large scarf around your face is not very healthy, however. Because, let’s be real; How often do you wash your scarf? Maybe not as often as you do with a jumper, right? Some people forget to wash this item of clothing, which gives the bacteria a better place to sit and expand.

Soap water
Bacteria multiply in lightning speed and can actually make you sick. That’s why it’s best to wash your scarf regularly. You can do that by making soapy water with warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo. This is an unattractive solution, which ensures that your scarf will always look good. Leave it soaked in soapy water for 10 minutes and transfer to a cold water bath. Stir in cold water until no soap comes out of the scarf. Carefully squeeze the water from the object and let it dry. This way, you don’t damage your favorite scarf and you can enjoy it all winter!

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