Apple sends iPhones ready to hack to researchers, anticipating a quick fix

Apple sent out notifications this week by sending the first collection of iPhones to investigators.

Apple, a company best known for keeping its iPhones, iPads and Mac devices safe from hackers, is sending criminal iPhones to security researchers. Back in July, the company said it made the iPhone ‘special’ that consumers would not be able to afford. And this week, these iPhones have started exporting.

It has been reported that the iPhones, which we purchase for consumers, have a highly locked version of iOS. This makes it difficult for hackers to install malicious software. However, the professional iPhones provided by the researchers, do not have a closed version of iOS. This is given to researchers as Apple realizes that a locked iOS can be difficult for them to analyze and find security holes.

According to the Macrumors website, Apple sent out notifications this week by sending the first set of iPhones to investigators. Also, these two friendly iPhones have been loaned to Apple for 12 months. But Apple can extend the time if it wants to.

Needless to say, by providing these fraudulent iPhones, the company expects to identify almost all the risks involved and fix them immediately. Investigators are encouraged as Apple runs a bug bounty program for a fee paid to anyone who finds the defect error first.

The prize money depends on how serious the risk is, with the highest payout rising to $ 1.5 million (approximately ₹ 11 crores). And since the company is clear that these hacker friendly iPhones are not designed to be used as a standard iPhone, you will not see them anywhere you can buy.

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