Apple unveiled two mini MacOS Pros in 2021: Kuo

Apple is also planning a less expensive MacBook Air with a 2022 mini-LED display, according to Koo.

The latest predictions of Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo are now in place and this is due to the small LED devices of the iPhone maker. Koo expects Apple to accelerate the transition to LED mini-devices with the delivery of 10 to 12 million units by 2021.

Kuo has increased the number of smaller Apple units that Apple is expected to ship in 2021 and next year. It had previously claimed 2 to 3 million units by 2021, and between 4 million to 5 million by 2022, reports 9to5Mac. Koo says there are two factors that have led to this increase where one is at a cost-improvement level that will be better in the next two years, and another at the adoption level of MacBooks mini panels will be better than expected.

Kuo had previously said that Apple would launch Macs in a completely new form by 2021. The list is said to include two redesigned MacBook Pros and one with mini LED panels. There is also a MacBook Air with a small LED panel designed for 2022. Koo says the MacBook Air will be “less expensive”.

Koo also said the new MacBooks will be the main driver of the small LED panel deployment. This will increase MacBook exports by almost 100% to 30-35 million units per year over a three-year period. Kuo expects the new Apple silicon chips and new form factor as other key factors to drive this growth.

Apple also says it will launch mini-iPads that will be the first to launch next year. We saw the first mini-devices from Apple at the beginning of Q1 2021.

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