Apple warns iPhone owners who ride motorcycles with damage; able to reduce the risk

A new helpful text from Apple has issued a warning to motorcyclists who own iPhones and will change the way they use their devices.

Apple has issued a warning to all iPhone owners who ride motorcycles. The new support document contains some important information for iPhone owners who prefer to install a smartphone on their bikes instead of carrying it on their personal device. Apple has warned that if an iPhone is attached to a bicycle during a ride, the camera system could be damaged. “Exposing your iPhone to high-amplitude movements within certain distances, especially those produced by powerful motorcycle engines, could undermine the performance of the camera system,” Apple said.

The problem mentioned is the optical image stabilization (OIS) feature with iPhone cameras. While Apple claims that the OIS system is designed for durability, prolonged exposure to vibrations of a specific frequency may undermine its performance. “However, as with most consumer electronics installing systems such as OIS, long-term direct exposure to high-frequency vibrations within certain distances may reduce the performance of these systems and lead to a decrease in image and video image quality,” Apple explained. Apple also added that it is “recommended that you avoid exposing your iPhone to high-speed movements.”

Apple claims that only high-powered or high-powered motorcycles, especially large bicycles, do a lot of vibration that is transmitted by chassis and bicycle handles. “It is not recommended that you attach your iPhone to motorcycles with high-powered engines or high volume due to the magnitude of the vibration at certain frequency levels of the manufacturers,” said Apple.

However, this does not exactly release small moped or scooters that produce low-amplitude vibrations. The company recommends not installing a smartphone either. If you really want to, however, “a mountain of vibration reduction is recommended to reduce the risk of injury to your iPhone and its OIS and AF programs”. Overall, attaching iPhones to two wheels regularly should be avoided as it increases the risk of damage to the camera system.

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