Are you comparing your scrunchies with your face mask right now?

Divorce fashion is getting the same update as this couple right now. Here’s how to get your hands on the look

Think back to the beginning of the closure when the mask went from being a self-defense option to a necessity. We quickly embraced (and became accustomed to) this practice, adding pharmacy purchases to our OOTDs every time we went out to do something. Cut to present the day, and now we have many options for making this proven division into style again. Matching your mask with your outfit is one way, but why not take a step further and match it with your accessories – slogans – also?

The pairing makes sense, and we do the math: shoes are the 2020 hero support (just ask Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber), and masks quickly rise in the ranks into important vows. So it adds to the ‘double as good’ case, the system of separation. Choosing the same accessories for your clothes is not a sensible thing, however, the mask-cum-scrunchie combo is a new frontier. But we live with a plague, so who are we to judge? It doesn’t hurt to look good as you get used to social distance.

Not sure where to find these pieces together? Payal Singhal and Verandah both have many options to choose from; translating their signature house texts into sets of accessories, and Singhal’s pairing includes a matching headband. Do you like Jodi’s block print on midi dresses? You will also love them for masks too, coming with the same bow wrists. Fabindia also joined the printing team with a trio of three that included three wrists, a headband and a mask. The Samatvam mask made by Anjali Bhaskar trees and trees is handmade from plant extracts grown from plants (made from a blend of living cotton and aloe vera, eucalyptus, bananas and orange fibers) used in her new collection. The masks are then painted by hand with flora and animal symbols. Organic Something Sustainable (SOS) clothing brand has painted pastels and solid blues to choose from; while the non-profit Goonj also released printed sets made by rural women in India, the founders of the foundation.

Continue to browse our 14 mask-and-scrunchie sets from home and home labels.

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