AUSTRALIA NEWS: Australia continues to block new immigrants due to the dangers of Delta diversity

Australia plans to halve arrivals due to bacterial accidents as parts of the country come out of closure on Friday.

Australia will reduce the number of newcomers from 6,000 passengers a week to 3,000 on July 14 to reduce the pressure on hotel divisions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said after a meeting with national and regional leaders.

Australia already has some of the strongest international restrictions aimed at keeping Covid-19 out of the country. The new restrictions add to the challenges facing 34,000 Australian citizens and permanent residents who are displaced overseas and registered with the government as they seek to return home.

The government will hire more planes to repatriate Australians, but the reduced limit on commercial commuters could continue until next year.

“If medical advice changes from time to time, if medical advice shows that we can change that, then the National Cabinet has always accepted that advice and will continue to monitor that,” Morrison told reporters, speaking at his decision-making meetings with national and regional leaders.

“We will not want to keep those caps in place longer than we should,” he added.

About half of Australian people have been locked up since last week due to multiple clusters of coronavirus delta strains that are thought to be highly contagious.

Several cities in the state of Queensland and the Northern Territory went out of operation on Friday. Queensland’s capital Brisbane and the suburb of Moreton Bay will remain closed until Saturday after a mother and daughter have been tested positive for the virus in Brisbane.

The largest group is in Sydney where 31 new cases were reported on Friday, the largest daily number of current emergencies. The key two weeks in Sydney is due to end on July 9.

Australia has been relatively successful in compiling collections throughout the epidemic, registering less than 31,000 cases for an estimated 26 million people and 910 deaths.

High levels of delta diversity have highlighted the vulnerability of Australian people where, according to government data, only 8% are completely vaccinated.

Morrison said the vaccine would be available to every Australian who wanted one by the end of the year.

The government has proposed a few restrictions on vaccinated individuals, such as allowing them to be isolated at home for a week after traveling overseas rather than two weeks at an uninvited hotel.

“Many people say:” Well, why should I be vaccinated? ‘They go:‘ There is not much COVID in Australia. I’ve had a lot of opportunities, I don’t know, running a car rather than catching COVID, ‘”Morrison said.

“We are prisoners of our success in this. When you get a goal, you get to change the way we live as a country. You get to change how you live in Australia. And I think this is a very powerful message, ”he added.

Australia introduced extremely severe restrictions in March 2020 that barred Australian citizens and permanent residents from leaving the country and foreigners to arrive without restricted conditions.

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