AUSTRALIA NEWS: Australia gets new version of Covid-19, Hong Kong cancels British flights

The new model has prompted Britain’s European neighbors and many others, including Canada and Iran, to close their doors to immigrants.

Australia said on Monday it had found cases of a new type of coronavirus found in the United Kingdom, while Hong Kong said it would suspend British flights.

Two travelers from the United Kingdom to New South Wales in Australia were found to be infected with a mutant variant of the virus that Britain said was more than 70% more infected. Both are being held in solitary confinement, and the recent increase in the number of diseases in Sydney is not related to this, officials said.

The new model has prompted Britain’s European neighbors and many others, including Canada and Iran, to close their doors to immigrants.

Much is known about the difficulty, but experts say the current policies should still work effectively against it.

Asian nations including Japan and South Korea have said they are wary of this new species as they fight the spread of disease at home.

Hong Kong has become the first city in the region to block flights from Britain with the aim of curbing rising prices for overcrowded financial institutions.

A special Chinese administration on Monday said people arriving from Britain before December 22 would have to be separated for three weeks instead of two.

South Korea, which sets a 14-day separation period for everyone entering the country, has said it is reviewing new airlines from Britain, and will double test those arriving from there before being released.

New cases have risen to more than 1,000 a day in South Korea several times in the past week. An outbreak of Seoul Prison was reported on Sunday, in which 188 inmates and staff members became infected.

The country on Monday Seoul will block the gathering of more than four people later this week with two hospital beds for Covid-19 serious cases by the end of the year.

Taiwan, which also has 14 days of solitary confinement, said on Sunday there were no plans to suspend flights from Britain.

The Indian government oversight committee met on Monday to discuss the new species, but did not provide details on whether flights to Britain would be suspended.

Britain is one of 23 countries where India shares an “air gun” with it. India’s health minister said the country was ready to deal with the new strain and there was no need to panic.

Japan, where entry from Britain has already been banned, has said it will continue to liaise with other countries and the World Health Organization to see how the new strain of the virus spreads.


A new genre in Britain comes as cases have risen recently in several Asian countries that successfully contain the epidemic in the past. Spikes have promoted local-made locks and more aggressive testing.

Thailand said on Sunday it was inspecting tens of thousands of people, increasing travel limits, following its worst outbreak at the provincial shrimp market which is the center of the seafood industry and home to thousands of migrant workers.

Thailand, the first country outside of China to report Covid-19 cases, has so far reported only 60 deaths due to the virus among 70 million people. On Monday, the country confirmed 382 new infections, most of them migrant workers.

Thousands of workers in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia have been infected in dormitories and factories, revealing the frequency of unemployment and working conditions as the full numbers in these areas were present.

Australia, where Sydney cases have erupted in recent days, many domestic flights were canceled on Monday.

New South Wales, which has reported 86 new local cases since Thursday, has ordered more than 250,000 people in Sydney’s north coast to be detained, and urged visitors to the detention centers to be tested and isolated.

These cases are not part of the UK’s crisis. Australian health officials say the virus problem in northeastern Sydney is similar to that of a traveler from the United States, but how it came to the public airport was confusing.

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