AUSTRALIA NEWS: Australian Victoria finds something different in Delta Covid-19 in recent developments

Officials in the state of Victoria in Australia said on Friday genetic mutations were first discovered that the Delta Covid-19 virus was differentiated between diseases in a recent viral outbreak in the country’s capital, Melbourne.

“What is different is different Delta, it is now very popular in India and is increasingly found in the United Kingdom. It is a different thing that is worrying,” Victoria Provincial Health Officer Brett Sutton told reporters in Melbourne.

Sutton said the exception has never been linked to any Covid-19 infection cases across Australia from hotel divisions or elsewhere.

So far, two Victoria cases have concerns called ‘Delta’, which may have been the cause of the recent devastating Covid-19 wave in India.

“It’s worrying that it has nothing to do with other cases but we’re chasing all of your contacts … and we’re looking at where it might be found,” Sutton said.

Victoria, Australia’s second-most populous country, is struggling to hold its latest outbreak – 65 cases since May 24 – after more than three months without trial, placing severe restrictions on human migration and shutting down large parts of its economy. The government has linked all cases to a single traveler who was released on divorce after being found missing.

Melbourne is in its second week of hard locks after being extended for another week until June 10, but other concessions elsewhere have been lowered by the government since Thursday night.

Authorities blame Melbourne’s expansion of severe restrictions on the Kappa variety, first discovered in India, which they describe as highly contagious, even though new cases remain in the same category for eight days in a row.

Four cases found in the country were reported on Friday, compared with three in the previous day.

The closure of Snap, regional borders, and strict segregation laws has greatly helped Australia to hold its previous outbreak and keep its Covid-19 numbers low by 30,100 cases and 910 deaths.

More than 4.6 million vaccines have been provided since Wednesday in Australia, with an estimated 20 million adults.

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