AUSTRALIA NEWS: Calls for additional health support in next week’s South Australian budget

There are new campaigns for more funding in South Africa’s next budget to help reduce the pressure on the struggling health system.

The unions and protesters said the explosion of ambulances and three unanswered calls was on the rise.

The emergency services organization says 93 calls have been unanswered during the week when paramedics are unable to attend the first 12 meetings.

“Paramedics have been expanded at the end, they are in serious danger,” opposition spokesman Chris Picton told.

The unions and the opposition have called for more money to address the problem in Tuesday’s state budget.

“At the same time, Labor outing whinging – look at the fact that we have experienced a 26 per cent annual collapse in our hospitals,” South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall told reporters.

An ambulance spokesman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told 9News that emergency responders intercepted more than 800 calls every day and answered more than 95 percent of them in less than 10 seconds.

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