AUSTRALIA NEWS: Fishermen left stranded as China identifies another Aussie industry

Crayfish boats in Western Australia remain stationary after the Chinese government tightened additional restrictions on another Australian industry.

Crayfish worth millions of dollars live on guard after Beijing introduced new procedures to test Australian production.

Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said on Monday that Chinese and Australian industry officials had used “good cooperation” during the negotiations, reports the Sydney Morning Herald, but urged local traders to increase their trade ties to reduce risk.

“In a broader sense, there has been a lot of disruption in trade with Australia and China this year,” Mr Birmingham said.

Western Australian fisherman and pot owner Nic Sofoulis said he had already lost half a million dollars when the industry came to fruition because of COVID-19.

The industry has been reeling, driven by an extended season.

But fisheries officials say that if the leave continues, their crew will be out of work.

About 95 percent of Australia’s natural fish is exported to Chinese markets.

China’s new “test” comes after Beijing disrupted beef, wine and barley exports to Australia.

Towards the end of this afternoon, some crayfish shipments began to erode the culture, but industrial bodies are now trying to establish a relationship with their main consumer to completely rot.

“There are other substandard markets but China is a platinum product for us,” said Tom Consentino of Souther Rock Lobster Ltd.

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