AUSTRALIA NEWS: Individual item limits are guaranteed at Woolworths stores throughout South Australia

Woolworths has confirmed that their stores in South Australia will remain open during the closure period and will force two people to purchase restrictions on certain items.

The restriction law comes at a time when supermarkets and retailers around South Australia are full today after the announcement that the state will enter six days from midnight.

Items that include toilet paper, paper towel, frozen meat, long-term milk, canned goods, antibacterial wipes and hand washing, among others, are limited to two people.

Prime Minister Steve Marshall announced today everything except essential services and businesses will be closed from midnight.

Mr Marshall stressed that supermarkets and other essential services remain open and urged people not to rush out in the afternoon to collect items.

However, a long line has already been built in supermarkets in Adelaide where people buy toilet paper, meat, eggs.

Chief Medical Officer Nicola Spurrier said the closure of these pressures would put a lot of pressure on many people, but they wanted to be patient.

“This is a time of patience, calmness and trust in the people who will support you,” said Professor Spurrier today.

“We all have to deal with it. It doesn’t help to panic and rush to the shops to buy more toilet paper. We have to look after other people.”

State Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens echoed the sentiments, saying “there is no need for people to rush to supermarkets”.

Mr Stevens added that police were expecting “any public disturbance”.

You can get up-to-date information from the Government Coronavirus Australia app, available on the App Store, Google Play and the Government WhatsApp channel.

Beyond Blue’s Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service is a free 24/7 service for all Australians. Visit the site here or call 1800512348.

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