AUSTRALIA NEWS: Queensland CHO warns of the dangers of lockdown back one new COVID-19 case

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has confirmed that the new closure of Queensland is indeed possible if new cases emerge in the popular market.

A four-year-old girl who visited the area was tested for the virus on Friday but was officially listed on Saturday’s statistics.

The latest case is understood to be related to a truck driver who was found to have it on Thursday.

Asked at a press conference on Saturday about the possible closure, Dr Young said: “Yes, unfortunately”.

He agreed that the next 1-2 days would be crucial in making a decision.

“This is a very dangerous time for us but if we can manage it and know that we can control these things, we will work well,” he said.

With the emergence of new cases of COVID-19 linked to exposure areas, Queensland health authorities may quickly eliminate any collection.

The Beenleigh Marketplace, the Boulevard Early Learning Center in Mt Warren Park and the nail salon are listed as close contacts.

Anyone who visited the mall on August 30 between 10:30 am and 11:45 has been asked to test COVID-19 and isolate themselves until they get side effects.

Those who attended the Salonlish Nails Salon located within the Beenleigh Marketplace at regular intervals will be forced to separate for 14 days.

Dr Young said his focus is on the Beenleigh Marketplace.

“It depends on whether we find the cases going to the Beenleigh Marketplace and since then they have been infected in the community in an uncontrollable situation,” he said.

“That would make me think we need to think about how much worse it will be.”

It comes as communicators stormed in pointing out those who might have encountered a Logan truck driver who could be infected in public for five days.

Dr Young confirmed that only one person had used the check at the nail salon while only 600 had entered the famous Beenleigh Marketplace.

“I’m worried that not everyone has entered the mall,” he said.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath echoed the words of the Health Officer saying at least eight clients visited the salon with the exception of a man, a child and four staff members.

He urged businesses to fight hard against people who do not use checks in apps.

“We can’t rely on app details because people haven’t logged in. This is a good reminder for everyone,” he said.

“Businesses and individuals have a responsibility to make sure people get in.”

The truck he was found to have had on Thursday had previously traveled to New South Wales before joining the Queensland community from August 28 to September 1.

Meanwhile, the four-year-old girl could be infected in public for two days from August 31 to September 2.

It has been two weeks since a public school in Windaroo was closed after the girl was found attending a nearby primary school.

About 960 families connected to the school were forced to separate for 14 days from staff and visitors at the school from Tuesday to Friday this week.

About 100 families of children attending the first four-year-old literacy school have also been forced to enter two weeks of home confinement.

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