AUSTRALIA NEWS: South Australia segregation order for NSW travelers

South Australia has imposed new rules on travelers arriving from NSW.

A growing group of Sydney Northern Beaches coronavirus has seen new restrictions on travel across the country.

The South Australian government has ruled that anyone visiting the North Sea from December 11 will have to spend two weeks in solitary confinement.

That law applies to both newcomers and those already in the province.

Anyone who has traveled to high-risk Avalon RSL or Bowling Club is barred from entering South Australia, immediately.

Those who have visited the same buildings and are already from South Australia must enter and be separated from the hotels.

South African National Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said he was confident that NSW health officials were in control, and that further restrictions were not required.

“Certainly if we see things coming from other parts of NSW we will take new information and pass it on,” he said.

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