AUSTRALIA NEWS: South Australian coronavirus group rises to 26 as officials oppose closure

A false report by a 36-year-old man on an interim student visa is being investigated.

Health officials have defended their decision to place 1.6 million South Australians in domestic law after some information appeared to be untrue, saying they would not get a second chance to contain the potential outbreak.

Lockdown orders are expected to drop by midnight on Saturday, three days before the scheduled time, after an earlier man who claimed to have contracted the virus while taking pizza at a pizza shop in Adelaide later admitted working in the kitchen.

The 36-year-old man is on a temporary student visa, which expires next month. A team of 20 police investigators is investigating the false report.

South Australia makes pizza maker a scapegoat expert for Covid-19 failure

“Whether [the public] chooses to see it as a matter of urgency is their right but I remain convinced that the decision we made to stop it was the right decision based on the information provided,” state police commissioner Grant Stevens told reporters in Adelaide. “I hope we do not need to get too close to this situation but when we encounter certain situations that require these decisions we will analyze them and make the right decisions for the benefit of the wider community. . ”

Asked if he thought the police’s response could discourage people from following the conversation, Steven said it was confidential and the details would not be passed on to police. But South Africa’s Prime Minister Steven Marshall has taken a stern look, saying “there must be consequences as otherwise we do not want this behavior”. On Friday, he said he was “outraged” by the “selfish actions” of the man.

One new case was reported in South Africa on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases in the Parafield collection to 26. About 5,400 people identified as nearby have been separated, and everyone is on orders to stay at home without exercise, food that is important to buy, and seeking medical care.

From midnight, South Africans will be allowed to leave under a new set of eight-day restrictions, including the need to wear masks outside the home.

More than 19,000 tests were conducted in South Africa on Friday. That equates to 674 tests per 100,000 people – the highest test rate in Australia. At the height of Melbourne’s second wave, Victoria reached 642 tests on 100,000 people.

SA’s chief public health official, Professor Nicola Spurrier, said the decision to force a six-day closure was not only a result of a pizza bar infection, but “it was the beginning of a snowstorm for me, realizing that we were in a very precarious position.”

He also said the state public health team had used the lock to “charge more” for the contact tracking system. “We didn’t waste any time,” he said. “Thank you, South Australia. While you were resting, we worked hard. I am very happy to be able to be really confident in removing those restrictions tomorrow ”.

Spurrier said SA authorities were acting faster than those in other provinces that had experienced the outbreak of the second wave.

In South Australia to end Covid’s closure ahead of Prime Minister ‘burning’ pizza lies

“This was very early in the morning… before people clicked on things in Victoria, before the Crossroads Hotel collection and their investment in New South Wales,” he said. “I knew we had a chance in South Australia [that] we could no longer go public transport.”

The first case in the Parafield group was identified by an emergency department doctor on Sunday, November 15, and the next day was followed by cleaners at the Peppers hotel, which is believed to have contracted the virus in a contaminated area sometime after November 7.

In Victoria, the first violation of hotel divisions was discovered on May 27, a month before the source was identified as the source of a growing group in the northern hemisphere, and those ten cities were placed in a closed area.

These are difficult decisions to make for the benefit of the wider community. ”

Sparrier said public health officials were guided by the law of caution.

Marshall dismissed criticism of the government’s hotel-segregation plan, but said there would be an investigation. Asked if the government would compensate businesses that have lost significant amounts of money since the sudden closure, Marshall said the most important thing for business is to open the state immediately.

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