AUSTRALIA NEWS: The fear of COVID-19 spreads across the Christmas shopping line

There are fears that the new South African QR codes at store gates will form a long line outside stores during the festive season.

The Australian Retailers Association has told the government that the results of authorized entry will be in slow and long lines, which is a safety hazard for COVID-19.

And down, businesses say some people are unwilling to take this extra step.

QR code channel outside a restaurant in Adelaide’s Chinatown.

“People were actually already leaving, refusing to enter,” said Courtney Allard of Adidas.

Tess Bartsch of Adelaide Hatters, however, dismissed the men.

“If they are not ready to do it, then they are not really willing to go in and spend money, so we will see each other later,” said Bartsch.

Pedestrian traffic is expected to increase in the coming days, and the Rundle Mall will remain open long before Christmas, with 23 hours of extra business – six times more than last year’s holiday season.

Rundle Mall general manager Johanna Williams said more than ever before this year, it was important for both retailers and customers to have extra hours.

He also fully supported the COVID-19 safety measures.

“QR codes, social distancing, hand sanitisers, extra security and additional COVID shawls – are all about making sure everyone stays safe,” he said.

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