AUSTRALIA NEWS: The Great Barrier Reef is a downgrade, and the impact it had on Australia’s

Australia, on Tuesday, expressed his disappointment with the draft of the UNESCO report, which has been called the ” Great Barrier Reef is at risk due to the deterioration of health caused by climate change.

The decision to reduce the status of the Great Barrier was politically motivated and likely to be wrong, ” said the Australian Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, go back to China, who is the chair of the UNESCO committee.

What did they say, UNESCO world?

On Monday, the UN agency published a draft of the report, that it is recommended to downgrade to the World Heritage status of the reefs in the dramatic decline of the coral reef.

The Commission’s draft report that has a profound appreciation of Australia’s commitment to the improvement of the reef, quality, and financial support.

But, he said, “With special care and sorrow,… that’s the long-term prospects for the ecosystem, have further deteriorated from poor to very poor,” a reference to Australia’s decision to downgrade its assessment of the coral reefs, and the health of the massive bleaching event in 2016 and 2017.

What does it mean?

Inclusion in the lists of the organs at risk, it is not a punishment. According to UNESCO, some of the countries have developed their monuments, attract attention, and help to save others, however, believe that it would be a shame.

UNESCO recommends the establishment of a total of seven sites that are listed in the list of endangered sites, and two sites in the Liverpool, the Levee, and the Selous hunting in Tanzania, where the thieves are on the loose, should be stripped of their UNESCO World Heritage Status.

As for the reef, the spirit of the Council, said that it was removed, “a shame on the federal government, who is on the sidelines to see how the reef has been in decline, instead of having to fight to protect it.”

What are the consequences?

The recommendations of a downgrade on the Great Barrier Reef, light, environmental groups, suggesting that the Australian government’s reluctance to take drastic actions.

Environmental activists have said that the threat to the Great Barrier Reef is the heritage status of the highlights of Australia’s lack of action to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

“With the UNESCO recommendation, it is clear and unambiguous: the Australian government is not doing enough to ensure the protection of our great natural heritage, and especially in the area of climate change,” said Richard, Similarly, is the head of the world’s Oceans, Division, and the World wide Fund for nature.

Fanny Dover, head of the UNESCO’s Marine World Heritage Programme, told Canberra was able to take the steps to improve the reef’s water quality, which would increase the resilience to climate change.

What will be the next step in Australia?

The country’s Environment minister, Sussan Ley said Australia was the case for the move, accusing the UN officials of the loss of their words, while they were waiting for the 44th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in China for the next month, on the recommendation, it will have to be formally approved.

“It has undermined the proper process and the fact that the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, will not appear in this list, it is, I think, is terrible,” she told reporters in Canberra. Ley, ” she said on Monday night, she said, with the UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay, express “a very clear, strong, disappointment, and even horror.”

The minister added that the UN agency is of the opinion that it is the billions of dollars that have been spent on the protection of the world’s largest coral reef.

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