AUSTRALIA NEWS: The release of the Coronavirus vaccine in Australia has only one obstacle left to remove it

The release of the coronavirus vaccine has left only one obstacle, after the Australian government closed a final agreement with pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

It is now up to the regulators to light the jab green, before millions of volumes can reach Australia.

“The good news is that millions of doses are still being distributed,” said Professor Peter Collignon, an epidemiologist at Australia National University.

As the mass vaccination began in the European Union, the State Government has been closely monitoring Britain.

“The work done in the UK will provide Australia and the world with the most important information, the most important lessons in the production and operation of this vaccine,” said Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Professor Collignon said Australia has a huge advantage.

“We have little time to stretch our arms to see what’s going on,” he said.

It was revealed that the final agreement between the Australian government and pharmaceutical company Pfizer was inked over Christmas, providing details on vaccine delivery, preparation and how to handle the jab.

If the vaccine is approved by Australian regulators, 10 million units will be available for release in March.

Experts say that the process of taking a drug into the bloodstream to the real world is an important step.

“It’s not just about having a vaccine that works but also making sure that when you give it to people you are given it safely,” said Professor Collignon.

Pfizer’s assets will cover five million Australians – two doses are needed per person.

The government has said health care workers and the elderly and the elderly will be the first in line. Young and healthy Australians will have to wait until next year.

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