AUSTRALIA NEWS: Two new COVID cases in South Australia include one going through NSW and Victoria

Two new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in South Australia, one of which passed through New South Wales before driving from Victoria into the country.

The 20-year-old man left Darwin for Sydney before taking a flight to Wall Wall and driving to a town on the Yorke Peninsula.

The second case is of a man in his 70s who said a few entered South Australia from Doha and found out he was HIV-positive on the day of his fifth test.

SA Health Officer Professor Nicole Spurrier said the first case of the 20-year-old man was being investigated and may be a chronic disease.

She arrived in South Africa on December 21 and lives alone in a medi-hotel with her family, as is the case with a man in his 70’s.

He was tested on December 22 and returned with positive side effects.

Professor Spurrier said the case may not have been linked to a group of northern Sydney beaches and the man had just passed through Sydney airport.

The man is no longer considered infected and Professor Spurrier said he did not believe anyone was in danger.

South Australia now has a total of five active cases.

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