AUSTRALIA NEWS: Western Australia celebrates Christmas amid scorching heat

Western Australians today celebrated Christmas with low COVID-19 limits. But those who were separated by hotels became creative with their festivals.

It has been a challenging time of year for loved ones separated by the global epidemic. Oliver Hughes and his pregnant wife, Stefanie, are currently locked in their hotel room, so his family brought Christmas to them, making a festive dance program in their honor to play outside.

“Being able to raise our hand from the window to the top 20 window while we danced and played music over the speakers – that’s a highlight of our 14 days,” Mr Hughes said.

“The words, ‘I wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart’ … and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said her mother Robyn Hughes, moving closer to tears.

The spirit of rejoicing has been evident in every situation after a difficult year, and church services are full of young and old.

It was not long before the streets resembled the peak of the middle of the week as families headed for Christmas lunch or the beach on a hot day.

“We’re Poms – the first time I went to the beach at Christmas, you have to be bloody to enjoy being here (rather) at home,” said one man.

Some have chosen to go for a picnic in the shade at Kings Park.

“You can do worse than this,” commented one person.

Mission Australia hosted a Christmas lunch for those struggling with difficult times. It is the longest and largest Christmas lunch in the country, and in its 45th year, there have been 1,400 people making history, many of them facing a difficult and difficult year due to the global epidemic.

A new free bath and hair service was available with a wide spread.

“It was the first time for me to go to a barber and it was really good,” said one lunch host.

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