Boris ‘rushing to lift lockdown after hearing 3,500,000 jobs are at risk’

Boris Johnson planning to get the UK out of the coronavirus after being told that 3,500,000 jobs could be at risk.

One Whitehall source said the economic impact of the epidemic would not create a ‘tsunami for job losses’, but added that it would be a ‘very good wave’. The Sunday Times also reports that Johnson told Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to confirm that the travel corridors are about holiday destinations on June 28. 40 new roads and improved roads. He is also said to want to speed up the campaign to hire doctors and nurses to increase their NHS tolerance before the start of winter again.

A Whitehall source told the press release that ‘finding the current crisis remains the prime minister’s priority’, but said the government was preparing for ‘tough economic times to come’. They added: ‘The PM wants to explain that the reconstruction after this situation will not be repeated in 2008. In the election the PM makes the right diagnosis of the problems most people are facing. He believes now is the time to be more ambitious with his plans to unite the country and expand his country. ‘

On Saturday night it was announced that churches and other places of worship would be open for private prayer starting June 15. People are expected to be able to ‘show and pray’ while complying with social separation laws – but prayer groups, weddings and other services will no longer be allowed. Earlier, Health Secretary Matt Hancock played reports of a conflict between the economy and health in reducing restrictions. From Sky’s Sophy Ridge, he said the UK was winning the war against the disease ‘, thus allowing the government to release further restrictions. He further said: ‘The worst in the economy could be the second hurdle so there is not much commercialization done by the media between health and the economy. ‘I really care about keeping the economy afloat, and the best way to keep the economy going is to make sure we get the number of new diseases down.’

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