Burning gums: they are more dangerous than you think

Gum disease can have serious side effects
We perform the same ritual every morning and evening. Above, below, behind and before, we brush our teeth carefully. However, there is an important part that – if we are honest with ourselves – is often overlooked. Your gums! Do you leave this part of your mouth untouched? That could be more dangerous than you think.

We didn’t know this!

About 30 to 45 percent of the world’s population have high blood pressure, a major cause of heart disease. Inflammation of the gums is also a major problem. It is estimated that 50 percent of the world’s population is affected by poor gum care, and researchers have long suspected that there may be a link between high blood pressure and gum disease.

British researchers at the Eastman Dental Institute have investigated blood pressure levels in several experimental studies. The results showed that the average blood pressure was 4.5 mmHg in patients with gum disease than in people without gum disease. “The difference is not the bottom line. A normal increase in blood pressure of 5 mmHg is associated with a 25 percent increased risk of death from heart attack or stroke, ”explains Dr.

But why?
As studies have shown, people with inflammatory gums are more likely to have high blood pressure, which may be present in or near cardiovascular disease. However, it has not yet been clearly established that gum disease causes an increase in blood pressure. What are the specific causes and causes of high blood pressure? Investigators have no definite answer to that. According to investigators in an article from the NU Checkt website, further research is needed. Have you ever had gum disease? Of course, book an appointment with a dentist, and always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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