Camel Harris’s daughter-in-law Ella Emhoff is playing her first show at NY Fashion Week

Ella Emhoff, the daughter of American Vice President Kamala Harris, started modeling Thursday at New York Fashion Week.

They already knew she looked good in a jacket.

So the Proenza Schouler designers decided to dress Ella Emhoff – art student, costume designer, new model and adopted daughter of Deputy President Kamala Harris – with a few coats (and trousers) at her start modeling in their new collection, revealed on Thursday in New York Fashion Week.

Fashion designers Lazarus Hernandez and Jack McCollough said the fashion world quickly noticed when 21-year-old Emhoff appeared at the inauguration ceremony in January, wearing Mi Miu’s hairy jacket with jersey tops and a starchy white collar. Social media has also seen it.

Shortly afterwards, the designers were planning their February show – actually digital short, on the grounds of the epidemic – with the acting director talking about Emhoff. “And we said,” We were just talking about Ella. “It seemed like everyone was talking about him,” McCollough said in an interview.

As it turns out, Emhoff, an artistic senior at the Parsons School of Design (where Hernandez and McCollough met and started their relationship), had recently signed with IMG Models, joining the biggest opening of the inauguration: poet Amanda Gorman.

The outdoor shooting took place recently over a blustery weekend at the Parish Museum in Water Mill, New York. It was the first time Emhoff had walked the open road.

“I must say I was a little nervous,” said Emhoff, the daughter of Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff, in a conversation with tailors, who was also released on Thursday. “I really lost a little sleep last night. Going for the first time, I was in this art space for the first time … the anticipation was really great. ”She spoke of her love of knitting and cloth, and of her dream about the kind of weaving product.

“He reminded us of our friends and us in many ways back then while we were at Parsons,” McCollough said. He and Hernandez started their own product from their top thesis collection.

At Emhoff, the designers opted for a long-sleeved gray coat with light-colored straps on the shoulders, followed by a mid-night trench coat, and finally black trousers. Also on the runway show is Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker.

Emhoff also wears some of the most common casual label shoes – leather socks paired with a strappy shoe.

“We strongly believe that this moment is about the removal of anything unnecessary, the elimination of excess,” said Hernandez, describing the collection’s practices at a time when fashion itself can feel, not eaten. “Simply reducing things into their own essential forms. All buttons are invisible buttons. Just inner pockets. “

Hernandez said he saw Emhoff represent “this idea of ​​a new beginning, a completely new chapter in American life, in American culture.”

He said: “He is a good ambassador for the new moment,” before moving on to other political issues. You know, through the fashion and artistic filter and the world in which we all live. ambassador of that. ”

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