CANADA NEWS: Canada declares Santa Claus an important figure, applause

“Parents, #Santa and I had a phone call to discuss her #ChristmasEve plan, and don’t worry – she has been described as an important employee in Canada,” Canadian Public Health Manager Dr Theresa Tam tweeted.

Canadian children can be happy because the country’s top doctor informed that Santa Claus is now an important employee. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, shared a video of her online interview with Father Christmas when she announced the good news to children and their very relieved parents.

“Parents, #Santa and I had a phone call to discuss his #ChristmasEve plan, and don’t worry – he’s described as an important employee in Canada.

The video opens to show Tam talking to Santa on a video call. Even though he faces a bit of technical difficulty at first – he forgets to silence the speaker – he finally gets a mental suspension. From there, their entire conversation flowed smoothly. Wondering what Santa Claus is passing on to everyone?

He reminded everyone how important it is to follow proper safety precautions during an emergency. After all he does it again, even though he has the magic of Christmas.

Watch the full video:

Since it was shared, the video has collected nearly 93,000 views – and the numbers are just increasing. People shared all sorts of comments on the post.

“This is lovely! Our children desperately need a sense of familiarity in these days of uncertainty. Thank you Dr Tam for putting their minds to ease! Stay safe and healthy, ”wrote a Twitter user.

“Taking the time to do this to reassure the children that Santa is alive and well this year is an act of thought and a kind heart. I am very happy to be in Canada. Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, ”explained one. “Dr Tam, you are a national treasure,” said a third.

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