CANADA NEWS: Canada has issued immunization passports for international travel

The Canadian government has announced that it will issue proof of immunization or passport, to travel abroad. A document can be released this fall.

The liberation of immigrants, refugees, and citizenship in Canada says the government “recognizes” that evidence of vaccination will support “social and economic reopening” and that Canadians want “a reliable and secure way to show their Covid- 19 vaccine history to foreign and Canadian border officials”.

In that context, it was noted that Ottawa “has partnered with provinces and territories to develop vaccine evidence that will help navigate across borders, while reducing the risk of the spread and imports of Covid-19.”

It also said the effort was to take a “safer pan-Canada approach” based on advice from the country’s public health workers.

As the country opens slowly and cautiously, Canadian immigration, refugee, and nationality minister Marco Mendicino said “many Canadians are thinking of doing something they have never done in more than a year and a half: travel. and the documents they need when it is safe to travel again ”.

While focusing on digital proof of vaccination, passports will also be available to those who do not have access to the form. The passports, the release said, would provide foreign border officials with a history of immunization of travelers while also providing a “reliable and valid certificate of when to return home”.

Canada participates in international negotiations on those passports, including the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization, and the G7. The statement said that although there was currently “no international agreement on acceptable evidence of vaccination”, Ottawa “was working with international partners to obtain evidence of vaccine data released in Canada.”

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