CANADA NEWS: Canada opposes MPs who put pressure on Prime Minister to condemn ‘police brutality’ on Indian farmers

Some opposition Canadian MPs put pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government to address their “concerns” about “alleged” police brutality “against protesting farmers in India.

The party’s new Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh has launched a protest campaign on his party’s official website, which reads: “The violent use of the Indian government by farmers in protest of the agricultural power of the agricultural sector is alarming.”

“Instead of using water cannons, tear gas and violence, the Indian government needs to negotiate freely with farmers,” he added. Singh also tweeted, “I am deeply concerned about the violence against farmers in India. Those who want to harm farmers must be held accountable and the right to peaceful protest must be protected. I call on Justin Trudeau to condemn this violence, immediately. ”

Indian authorities have indicated that neither the Singh nor any groups like the World Sikh Organization (WSO) have ever raised the issue of attacks on police officers on Republican Day or that a number of talks between the peasantry and the government have already taken place.

Former minister and Conservative MP Tim Uppal also joined the chorus, writing on Twitter, “Shocking and disturbing images of police brutality are coming from Delhi to protesting farmers.” He added, “I raise my voice to all the people around the world to end this atrocity.”

As the Canadian Parliament continues, there are concerns among Indian officials that the government will be forced to respond, as Trudeau and newly appointed Foreign Minister Marc Garneau avoided the issue, after New Delhi reacted strongly to the Canadian Prime Minister’s protests.

Trudeau had said in December during a live Facebook event that “Canada will always be there to defend the right to peaceful protest. We believe in the importance of dialogue and that is why we have reached out to many Indian authorities to highlight our concerns. “

The Canadian government subsequently remained silent on the matter.

But Indian officials believe the combined campaign started with “propaganda” by groups such as the divisive part of the Sikhs for Justice, so that the issue could be raised in the House of Commons and provide a response to the Canadian government.

Singh and Uppal’s talks came shortly after the WSO launched a campaign to “Sikh Canadians” “raise concerns, from the attack on Sikhs and the threat of gurdwaras in Delhi.”

Other Indo-Canada groups, however, have responded to these cases. Ottawa-based Overseas Friends, based in Ottawa, responded to Uppal’s tweet, “What do you encourage – police violence? He is the Member of Parliament for Canada and should know better than to incite police violence. ”

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