CANADA NEWS: Canada prohibits masks containing graphene

Canada has banned the use of face masks containing graphene because of the potential for particle inhalation.

Health Canada announced on Friday that it had “instructed all known distributors, importers and producers to stop selling and recall affected products”.

The department is currently in the process of conducting scientific experiments on graphene masks and biomass graphene although it has launched a “market monitoring system while continuing to collect and evaluate data”.

Graphene is a nanomaterial of the novel, which contains minute particles, which have been described as “anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial”.

According to a report in September last year, researchers at City University of Hong Kong said such masks could help fight coronaviruses.

However, Health Canada said that “its first experimental study found that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause toxicity in the lungs of animals.”

The test came after the department was informed that “graphene-containing masks had been marketed for Covid-19 claims and used by adults and children in schools and kindergartens” and “may even be distributed for use in health care facilities”.

When the announcement was made on Friday, those masks, made using nanotechnology, remain widely available in Canada, and India.

While considering the effect of inhaling tiny particles into humans, Health Canada said it had “requested information from mask manufacturers to assess the health risks that may be associated with their grapheme-containing masks”.

Health Canada added that it had written to provinces and territories advising them to “stop the distribution and use of graphene-containing masks” while the department “will continue to take appropriate steps to prevent the import and sale of graphene face masks.”

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