CANADA NEWS: Canadian opposition parties demanding the cancellation of the Secretary of Defense

Canada’s opposition parties have demanded that the Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan will either resign or be recalled from his post by prime minister Justin Trudeau, as the institutional crisis of sexual harassment in the armed forces continues to roil the country.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, the leader of the opposition in It, O’toole said that the army was “literally falling apart under” Sajjan’s leadership, and he needs to do the right thing and resign.”

The Conservative Party leader, also known as Sajjan is an “incompetent minister,” who, having lost the confidence of the soldiers.

This question was the subject of sexual harassment in the military continued to plague Sajjan.

In the latest edition of the relevant Terms And Fortin, who in mid-May, was suspended from his position as Vice-President of Logistics and Operations for the Canadian Public Health Agency, in connection with an investigation into the alleged sexual abuse that took place three decades ago.

Fortin, the Canadian vaccination program after working for the company in November of last year. Now, his attorneys have filed a lawsuit, alleging that Sajjan, Minister of Health, E Haidou, and He, as well as the country’s top official of the Privy Council, the executive secretary, to have this decision was taken for political reasons.

When the Fortin’s legal team issued a challenge to the government, the Lieutenant-General Mike Rouleau, the deputy commander of the Canadian armed Forces, resigned from his position after it was revealed that he had played golf with the retired General Jonathan Vance, the former chief of staff. In fact, the whole controversy started with a report on Vance’s alleged sexual harassment. Vance resigned in January due to allegations of sexual impropriety, and now he will have to carry out an investigation.

Sajjan was a lot of criticism of the military ombudsman has been reported that the Defense Minister had been informed by the PUB on Vance’s alleged” inappropriate conduct ” with a minor in 2018. In May, He’s a consultant, testified before the House of Commons Defence Committee, on which she had learned of the accusations against him. There have been allegations that Sajjan’t have to deal with the Participants, because of their long-lasting relationship, as both of them served together in Afghanistan.

Vance’s successor, Admiral Art McDonald, has resigned from his position less than a month and a half into his term as president, as he is also under investigation by the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service.

Sajjan defended, as he did on Tuesday. In the words of O’toole’s speech, he said: “we take any and all costs, very seriously, as I do, and passed directly to the appropriate government officials.”

The explanation did little to dampen criticism of the Sajjan, in the media and the opposition, as O’toole wrote in his Twitter profile, on Friday, “the Minister Sajjan’s conduct is a disgrace to the organization that they are two times daily. He did the sexual misconduct in the CAFE, and he lost the respect of the members of the club. The time has come for the prime minister to show leadership, and to fire his secretary of defense.”

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