CANADA NEWS: Coronavirus cases are rising all over Canada as the vaccine remains months away

Canada added 5,628 new coronavirus cases and 89 deaths on Thursday. There is a third daily increase in the number of cases in the country’s history.

Canada has now reported 352,778 cases and 11,799 deaths.

Today’s numbers come as it has been revealed that a person who will be caught by PFizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can be banned in Canada later this year.

“With the current situation in place, we expect more vaccines to be available by early 2021,” said deputy state health chief medical officer Dr Howard Njoo.

“However, it is important to note that the initial supply of these vaccines will be limited.… Once the vaccine is ready, Canada will be ready.”

According to the provincial government on Thursday, Canada is expected to receive six million vaccines in its first group, which will be distributed between provinces individually.

Since two doses of vaccine are needed per person, the number could affect up to three million Canadians.

Meanwhile, however, the provinces are seeing an increase in cases across the country.

British Columbia set another one-day record on Thursday with 887 new cases and 13 deaths. The province now has 7,899 active cases.

About a third of the 384 deaths in the province were reported in November alone, and 64 people died last week. Eighty-four percent of all deaths are among people over the age of 70.

Meanwhile, Alberta reported 1,077 new cases in the last 24 hours. There are currently 383 people in hospital due to the virus, and 84 of them are in the intensive care unit.

Ten people died 24 hours ago in the province, nine of which were linked to the outbreak of COVID-19 in areas such as long-term care homes. A total of 510 Alberta people have been killed by the virus.

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney announced the state of public health on Tuesday for the second time in a row, bringing new restrictions to public gatherings as well as mask laws in the workplace.

Ontario reported 1,478 new cases Thursday and 21 other deaths.

According to new statistics in the province, hospitals are expected to rise by more than 63 percent in the last four weeks, and those in the intensive care unit are expected to hit 200 next month. There are currently 556 people in hospitals in the province related to COVID-19.

In Quebec, 1,464 new cases were announced on Thursday, setting a new record of daily infections in the province. The province also reported 32 deaths, eight of which occurred 24 hours ago.

“If our numbers increase dramatically, we will not allow meetings,” said Quebec Prime Minister François Legault. “But we have no magical answer.”

The province has had a total of 136,894 cases so far and 6,947 deaths, the highest in the country. There are currently 675 hospitals, 90 of which are in the intensive care unit.

To the east, the “Atlantic bubble” once hailed as the epicenter in the eastern states.

New Brunswick reported 12 new cases on Thursday bringing the total number of active cases to 105. The increase is due to older people, said the provincial health manager.

The situation prompted New Brunswick to terminate its border agreement with neighboring provinces. From midnight, anyone traveling to New Brunswick from another province, including any Atlantic province, must separate for 14 days without being released.

Nova Scotia has announced 14 new cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 114. The province says no one is currently in hospital due to the virus.

PEI did not report any new cases, while Newfoundland and Labrador reported three new cases.

In the plains, Saskatchewan reported 315 new cases, of which 108 are currently in hospital and 18 are in intensive care.

The province also reported three deaths, bringing the total to 40.

Manitoba reported 383 new cases and 10 deaths, resulting in 266 deaths.

The province currently has 307 medical records at the hospital due to the virus, with 46 in the intensive care unit.

Manitoba leads all other provinces in the individual rate of new infections.

No new cases have been announced locally, but Yukon has yet to report its numbers.

There have been 60,856,294 cases of coronavirus worldwide so far and 1,429,689 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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