CANADA NEWS: Indo-Canadians are protesting attacks on the state of a farm in India

Several members of the Indo-Canadian community staged a protest in front of the office of New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh and called on him to take action against the growing Hindu invasion of Canada by supporters of Khalistan who took part in opposing farm reform laws passed by the Indian parliament.

Protesters gathered outside the NDP leader’s office in Burnaby in British Columbia. Singh represents the Burnaby South boarding station at the House of Commons of Canada.

Under the proclamation of Concerned Citizens of Burnaby, BC, they issued a memorandum to the staff of Singh, asking him to monitor and analyze hate speech against Hindus in all Canadian schools, institutions, workplaces, and social media; addressing the root causes of the “Hindu hatred of the Hindu movement”; engaging and supporting victims of hate speech and reducing the current situation; mediate and form alliances between Sikh and Hindu groups and protect and support Canadian Hindus and prevent these hate attacks.

Canadian community members in recent weeks have reported numerous incidents of intimidation and intimidation of the Hindu community by people who support Khalistan.

“Organizations supporting Khalistan are working on the deception of the Indian Farmers’ Association. This speech to the Indian government is aimed at political gain through heated speeches that demean Hindus in Canada, ”the protesters said in a statement to Singh. “Your silence can show indifference to racism and intolerance, even though the situation is tense and Hindus are at risk of becoming victims of violence.”

Organizers of a recent conference in Tiranga in Vancouver have faced threats and even protests by flag bearers in Khalistan.

One of the protesters standing in front of Singh’s office said, “We are not against the farmers’ movement, but the movement has now become a Khalistani movement, which looks after a few Hindu people who are visible and we expect our leaders to protect everyone without racial discrimination.”

Singh has been one of the most influential Canadian politicians in the country.

He recently appeared on the talk show Late Late and Lilly Singh discussed the issue. On January 29, after the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi, Singh wrote on Twitter, “I am deeply concerned about the violence against Indian farmers. Those who want to harm farmers must be held accountable and the right to peaceful protest must be protected. I (Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) condemn this violence immediately. ”

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