CANADA NEWS: Liberal Party of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will win election: Report

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party was in line to win the Canadian election, CBC News speculated, but with annoying results on the network it said it was too early to say how strong a government they would build.

Trudeau leads a government with few House of Commons seats relying on the support of other parties to legislate. He called elections two years early in the hope of gaining a majority in Parliament.

“People would be very surprised if there was a Liberal government, in the Liberal camp, but I think it is still a long way off to make this call,” Gerald Butts, a former Trudeau senior adviser and close friend, told CBC TV.

Canadian elections show that Liberals lead 146 constituencies with a small percentage of the votes cast.

The House of Commons has 338 seats and the party needs to win 170 to dominate the majority.

Polls reported results more slowly than usual, and some channels were forced to reduce population due to COVID-19 limitations. Long queues forced some voters to wait long hours to vote in southern Ontario, a critical battle zone.

The Liberals were leading 113 parliamentary seats in Ontario and Quebec, with 199 seats, or more than half the national average.

In the first regional games, the Liberals led 23 of the 32 parliamentary constituencies in the four Atlantic states. The Liberal Party held 27 seats before the election.

Erin O’Toole’s opposition Conservatives had focused on adding four of their seats to the Atlantic, and were leading by nine.

The Canadian dollar strengthened as the first results came in, up 0.4%.

Delays in the counting of incoming votes could continue to hold results in tight races.

Canadian elections will not begin counting 800,000 e-mails by Tuesday, after it has been able to verify them by popular vote. That would help achieve results in at least two Atlantic regions and many more in Canada.

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