CANADA NEWS: Ontario Canada will be closed for 28 days to deal with the spread of Covid-19

The Canadian province of Ontario will return on Saturday, extending the limits to shops, gyms, restaurants and hairdressing stores for 28 days to control Covid-19, reports CBC News, citing several sources.

New laws to be announced by Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford on Thursday are aimed at counteracting the spread of coronavirus in Canada’s most populous province, including the capital Ottawa, CBC said. The restrictions would not be as strong as the provincial closure imposed in December, sources told CBC. Other states, including the city of Toronto, are already operating under the same rules; Ford’s move will extend to the entire province of 14.7 million people.

Ontario is joining growing areas, including France and Italy, which are returning to strong social censorship in an effort to curb the recent spread of the virus. While many measures are being taken to disrupt pathogen transmission, not all areas have equal access. The diversity of the novel accelerates the spread, and crime rates are rising in many regions.

Ontario added 2,333 new Covid-19 cases on March 30, bringing the total number of cases to 349,903, according to Public Health Ontario. More than 17,000 residents have been hospitalized for the disease, and 7 366 have died from it.

The province, which imposed drastic measures in December, including temporary closure of schools, has begun to slow down in recent weeks. But cases are resurfacing with the increase as new strains of the virus spread.The biggest hot spot is Toronto, the country’s financial capital. More than half of the cases reported on Wednesday were in Toronto and Peel, a district west of the city. New daily cases in the province have more than doubled since the first week of March. Canada’s slow-moving vaccines add to the problem: less than 2% of people are completely vaccinated, as the government has struggled to import enough firearms into the country with limited production capacity. While many U.S. states have now made vaccines more widely available for the elderly, Toronto-based clinics are still focused on getting vaccines for residents 70 years of age and older, in addition to health workers and other key staff categories.

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