CANADA NEWS: Ontario sees 5,839 new cases of COVID-19, 95 die in two days

Ontario reports a two-day total of 5,839 new cases of COVID-19 cases and an additional 95 deaths related to illness.

The Department did not release daily figures for COVID-19 on New Year’s Day.

The province had 2 476 cases on Friday and 3,363 cases on Saturday.

Saturday’s figure is a new one-day record in the province as the previous record was set on Thursday for 3,328 cases of coronavirus novels.

Saturday’s numbers include 713 new cases in Peel, 700 in Toronto, 395 in the York district, 226 in Windsor-Essex County and 171 in Hamilton.

Friday’s numbers include 480 Peel, 499 in Toronto, 200 in the York district, 175 in Windsor-Essex County and 111 in Hamilton.

A total of 61,401 tests were completed from Saturday and 70, 570 yesterday.

The average for seven days is now 2,655.

The Department of Health has noted that Saturday’s increase in cases may be the result of over-reported statistics due to the “data problem” of one public health unit.

“Because of the data problem, Toronto Public Health cases were badly reported on December 31 and over-reported on January 1,” a spokesman said on Saturday.

There are currently 1,003 patients in the hospital with COVID – 19. Of those, 322 are treated in the intensive care unit, mostly at any time during the epidemic, and 220 require a ventilator.

The death toll in the province has now risen to 4,626, with a total of 95 people reported over the past two days.

Calls to re-deploy military in hard hit areas
Nonprofits representing health care professionals and patients called on Friday for military intervention to help control the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ontario long-term care homes.

Re-looking at Canadian armed forces in badly hit facilities is not the first thing in the Ontario Health Coalition, says the group’s chief executive, but short-term options are few.

“The problem is that we are in an emergency,” said Natalie Mehra.

Mehra said hospitals treat many patients with anxiety, and some experience their own outbreaks.

On Saturday, an outbreak was reported at Pembroke Regional Hospital after a second employee was tested for COVID-19.

The disease was handed over to the emergency department, where the first case was found on December 27, according to news from the hospital.

The hospital said no patients were found to be in contact with people at high risk for the staff.

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