CANADA NEWS: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau softens stance, but India-Canada relations have already contributed

Trudeau, when asked about an issue released by the Indian government, said, “Canada will always stand for the right to peaceful protests anywhere in the world and we are happy to see ways to reduce growth and negotiations”.

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterates his support for “peaceful protests” in India over farm rules but tries to soften his stance, action to control the damage is likely to come too late as Indo-Canada groups expressed disappointment at the damage caused by both ties.

In a daily interview with the media about the epidemic, Trudeau, when asked about an issue released by the Indian government, said: ”

Even as “farmer support groups” organized the Punjab Kisaan Car Rally at the Indian high commission in Ottawa, the Indo-Canadian top organization, the Canadian India Foundation (CIF), expressed concern about the negative impact Trudeau’s statement had on the relationship, “he said. an urgent tweet here, or a quick comment there, from the incumbent leaders from Canada is known to deliver calm water ”.

“Political coercion to recruit part of the Canadian voters with deep roots in the Punjab farming communities has probably played a role in such public announcements,” he added.

That was the case when Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar overthrew the Canadian-led minister’s Covid-19 (MCGC) faction, which India had joined for the first time in November.

At a special conference last month, Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne commented on India’s “critical role” in addressing the global demand for drugs needed to fight the epidemic.

In a statement, CIF commended the farm rules, saying, “India has made significant changes in its agricultural sector through a series of debt. The need to transform agriculture in India and to conform to modern standards has never been disputed. ”

It also welcomed the “willingness of the Indian government to listen to the complaints of farmers. In a democracy, peaceful dialogue is the only way to resolve differences ”.

Trudeau’s remarks during a live event on Facebook to celebrate Gugu Nanak’s birthday were followed within hours where she presented a recorded message at the Indo-Canada Business Room.

He praised the economic relationship between the two countries in that message and their strengths. However, an Indian official has pointed out that as political ties become closer, economic integration between the two governments will be strained as a result.

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