CANADA NEWS: Prime Minister of Canada, the wife receives AZ vaccine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire received their first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine on Friday, both receiving an AstraZeneca injection, which was a symbolic gesture.

The Trudeaus received their injection in Ottawa, and just before receiving the jab, the Prime Minister said he was “very happy”. That vaccine came as the National Immunization Advisory Council or NACI also reduced the age limit for access to the AZ vaccine for those over the age of 55 to the 30-year component.

The AZ vaccine has led to unusual side effects, low platelet blood clots, and another reported form of this adverse reaction in the province of Ontario, taking the country nationwide to four, following similar conditions in Quebec, Alberta, and New Brunswick earlier. The Ontario case was also linked to the AZ model developed by the Serum Institute of India under the brand name Covishield.

In its recommendation, NACI stated that a complete series of AZ vaccines can be given to those over the age of 30 without objection, but “only if a person does not want to wait for the mRNA vaccine” and if it is determined that the benefits of vaccination with the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine -19 exceeds the risk of Covid-19 while waiting for the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. ”

Health Canada “concluded that the benefits of this policy outweigh the potential risks”. The worst-case scenario is called Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombocytopenia or VITT and is estimated to occur in one in 100,000 to one in 250,000 people vaccinated with the AZ vaccine.

NACI also claims that the AZ vaccine showed a 62% efficacy in brackets for 18- to 64-year-olds while those in the elderly “received a single dose of AstraZeneca, the world-wide antidepressant data showed a reduced risk of hospitalized symptoms ”. It also noted that the AZ vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine offer comparisons of different B117 vaccines first detected in the United Kingdom.

In a statement, the Council of Health Authorities said, “All Canadian Covid-19 drugs offer a high level of. With the advent of vaccines in the past, we have the opportunity to vaccinate more people faster, protect our health care system, reduce serious illness and save lives. ”

It also adds that “their whole goal” remains “to provide as many people as possible with the vaccine as soon as possible against Covid-19 with a safe and effective vaccine, while ensuring that high-risk individuals are given priority”.

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