CANADA NEWS: The Canadian government has opposed the military’s decision to cancel training with the Chinese Army: Reports

The Peoples Liberation Army has been invited to joint training at the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa in the province of Ontario.

The Trudeau government invited Chinese troops to train in Canada last year a few months after the arbitrary arrest of two Canadians, including a former strategist, and became alarmed when the military canceled the practice, media reports said.

The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) has been invited to joint training at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Petawawa, Ontario. The move was canceled by the Canadian military and embarrassed the government, according to documents identified by Globe and Mail, Rebel News and other media outlets.

Future options are not yet considered. ”

Instructions from the general state say the department “set a message” that training would not be conducted “at this time.”

However, a letter from the Trudeau government to the Armed Forces expressed dissatisfaction with the cancellation.

In a Memorandum for Action, Global Affairs Canada, the country’s foreign ministry, noted that the Canadian Defense Chief “unilaterally chose not to proceed” with the 2019 plan.

The cancellation came after the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief executive of Chinese communications company Huawei in Vancouver on December 1, 2018 in a case related to bank fraud fraud to avoid sanctions in Iran. A few days later, two Canadians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, were arrested by China, after just two years in exile on December 10.

Commenting on this, the Memorandum could not say, “While resolving lawyers’ cases is a priority for the Government of Canada, ensuring that a certain amount of continuity in other parts of Canada-China relations remains crucial.”

In another email, Ian Shugart, deputy minister at Global Affairs Canada, said “there should be consultation before any postponed activities, especially the previously agreed plans between the DND / CAF and the People’s Liberation Army.”

He added that Canada did not want to be “a partner that undermines normal bilateral relations” and “there was a desire to maintain ongoing relations with China, while recognizing and controlling the risks.” Shugart is currently the Secretary of the Honorary Council, a senior Canadian executive.

The defense official has identified five Eagles’ concerns (a coalition of intelligence and security including the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand) over the “winter survival” action by the PLA, while the Global Affairs official asked, email, or linked to the changed state of Donald Trump’s administration near Beijing.

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