US NEWS: Colin Powell will vote for Joe Biden, said Trump has ‘drifted away’ from the Constitution.

Former Republican Minister of State Colin Powell said on Sunday that President Donald Trump had “defeated” the Constitution, adding to a growing list of senior military officials who strongly criticized the President’s reaction to nationwide protests relating to the George Floyd police killings.”We have a Constitution. And we have to abide by that Constitution. And the President has strayed from it,” Powell, a retired general manager who worked under President George W. Bush, told Media Jake Tapper about Media Coalition District.
Colin Powell.

The comments by Powell, Africa’s first secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, could add to the growing list of past warnings by senior officials who expressed dissatisfaction with Trump’s powerful way of protesting by the people over the death of Floyd, a black man killed in late May by white Minneapolis police.

Powell said he was “proud” of what many former teachers, administrators and lawyers who had reacted to Trump’s response last week to the widespread protests, adding that he had not released a public statement condemning Trump’s reaction because he felt he expressed displeasure with Trump in 2016 when they voted for him.He also said they would vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, choosing not to re-elect Trump as President.
“I will not be able to support President Trump this year,” said Powell, a Republican.

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Jesse Jackson Speaks To Trump; Government in protest of Australian protests; The death of indigenous Indian prisoners is health related; Sydney police are protecting the use of capsicum spray
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A retired official voted for Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, in 2016, and in emails released in September of that year showing Powell strongly criticizing Trump, calling him “a national scandal and a global paradise.”
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Powell said Sunday he was “very close to Joe Biden on social and political issues.”
“I worked with him for 35, 40 years, and now he has elected me and I am going to vote for him,” he continued.
Asked by Tapper if he would campaign for Biden, Powell said he had not been asked to do so and did not think he would.
“Campaigning is not my fault, and I will speak for him, but I am not prepared to go on a campaign trip,” he said.

Tensions between the White House and the Pentagon have come close to being threatened by President Donald Trump’s use of force to counter street protests that led to the death of George Floyd.
A former lawmaker said Sunday the recent protests over police killings in a Minneapolis massacre and Trump’s strong reaction to this mistrust are evidence that the opposition party is growing.
“I think what we see now, this is the biggest protest movement I have ever seen in my life, I think it suggests that the country is getting wiser in this regard and we will not tolerate it anymore,” Powell told Tapper.
Last week, former Trump Defense Minister James Mattis said in a statement that Trump “did not pretend to be trying” to unite the country and instead committed to a “deliberate attempt” to divide the country, while not having a mature leadership. “

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