Data Scientis For Centroid Solutions In Dubai

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will take part in the implementation of new and strategic initiatives and will focus on data related tasks applying data science and algorithmic solutions, to perform complex statistical analysis, predictive modelling, and to derive meaningful insights and actionable conclusions.

The ideal candidate will have at least 1-3 years of experience in business analytics and has experience in solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches. This person shall also have a passion for data, enthusiasm to work closely with business partners on data-related projects and background in finance. This is a unique opportunity to initiate and drive data-driven projects with high business impact and visibility within a large financial organization.Main Duties

  • Able to create algorithms to extract information from large data sets
  • Deliver data services to a wide variety of stakeholders by engineering bespoke tools
  • Understand data and apply analytical techniques for feature engineering and selection
  • Extracting and aggregating data from large data sets using SQL or other tools
  • Developing and maintaining predictive models
  • Working on end-to-end analytical projects through structured problem solving
  • Working with a team to develop a new product or service

Required Skills

  • Strong analytical and programming skills (Python, R, SQL, Spark DataFrame API, KDB+ and other relevant libraries and software)
  • Experience with Jupyter / Pandas / Numpy to manipulate and analyse data
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning techniques and their respective pros and cons
  • Confident communicator and contributes effectively within a team environment
  • Have experience developing and maintaining predictive models
  • Experience with Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn
  • Experience with Apache Spark will be preferred
  • Previous exposure to financial services, FinTech, brokerage services is a plus

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