Do you feel the cold coming? After that you should eat these vegetables often!

It is wise to eat these vegetables when you feel under the weather
When we start to feel less under the weather, we tend to buy more oranges, because it’s all about that vitamin C, right? That’s true, but if you need more vitamin C, oranges aren’t the best option you’ve got.

A kiwi or other strawberry has a much lower sugar and calories than an orange and a lot of vitamin C, so it’s a better option than our orange friend! But if you want to gain momentum from vitamin C, you should try red pepper! It may sound strange, but it is true. Of all fruits and vegetables, red peppers are the most rich in vitamin C except Brussels sprouts, that is, but who wants to eat them?

So, should it really be red pepper? Yes! Red pepper contains more vitamins and minerals than its green, yellow or orange counterparts. Will you have stock before the flu season?

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