Do you have dry skin in winter? Get rid of it with these 5 tips!

Five tips for combating dry skin
During the winter months, temperatures drop dramatically. It is very likely that your skin will suffer with this. Due to the cold, your skin will become dry and congested and this can cause irritation and recovery. This is not a pleasant temptation! To make sure you don’t feel the need for scratching all day, here are some tips to help you protect your dry skin. In this way, you will protect your skin from the effects of winter in the best possible way.

Make your skin a winter proof with these five tips.

  1. Scratching
    Scrub helps you to remove all dead skin cells from your skin, making your face look refreshed and healthy. When you do not do this, dead skin cells begin to accumulate and this creates acne and dry areas. You get good results by rubbing twice a week.
  2. Proper cleaning method
    Carefully choose the cleaning product you will use. Many products contain soap and perfume and create dry skin. Instead, choose an oil-based cleanser such as stearyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol as these do not dry out your skin. Therefore, before buying a cleaner, always check the ingredients list.
  3. Lubrication
    Take good care of your skin with a moisturizing cream. Look for creams that contain vitamin E and aloe vera because these ingredients soften the skin. Here the same thing applies: avoid products containing soaps and perfumes. It may smell good, but it can really irritate the skin. Apply a moisturizing cream directly after drying your skin. That way, your skin will retain moisture for a long time.
  4. Know your skin type
    Do you know if you have normal, dry or oily skin? If you know what your skin type is, you can use products that are specially designed for your skin. This will make your skin care process more effective. For people with dry skin, a moisturizing oil moisturizer is the best choice. The oil builds up a protective layer on your skin and ensures the right kind of nourishment, making your skin soft and smooth as well. People with oily skin should avoid those oil-based products as they can cause acne. If you have oily skin, you should choose a skin care product that does not clog pores. The products should also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients as this will reduce redness of the skin.
  5. Shaving
    We have to admit that we often stop shaving our feet in winter because no one will see them in public anyway. But did you know that shaving is actually good for your skin? By shaving, you are not only removing unwanted hair but also removing dead skin cells. That way, the cooling cream you put on your legs afterwards works much better!

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