Do you wash your face in the shower? You may want to stop and here’s why!

Should you wash your face in the shower or not?
We all sometimes wash our faces when we wash; it’s quick and easy. Dermatologists say it is best not to do that, however, as hot water can damage your face. And we all want to have healthy skin, of course!

Dermatologists say that we should not wash our face in the shower. The hot water we wash with all our other bodies can damage our skin. The obvious solution would be to wash your face in the sink. In the sink you can control the water temperature much better than in the shower, explains dermatologist Dr. Tanzi. It is also a good idea to use soft or cold water to wash your face, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Hot water can damage and drain the body, which can give you dry skin. The use of cold water is especially recommended for people with facial redness. Hot water ensures that your blood will flow faster, which will increase the redness of your face. Also, applying cosmetic products to your facial skin can cause serious damage. So, be careful when washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner and make sure that no product gets on your face!

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