Does anyone have epilepsy? This is what you should do

First aid for epilepsy
It can be devastating to see someone suffering from epilepsy. Anyone who has ever heard of it can assure you that it was initially frozen. By following these tips, you will know what to do when someone has epilepsy.

Do it during epilepsy
There are different types of seizures and the many stages the victim goes through. In most cases, first aid is not necessary, as the seizures usually stop after a few minutes. However, dangerous situations can arise during an attack. Therefore, there are many things you can do as a spectator to help someone who is unconscious.

How do you see epilepsy?
You may notice a seizure when someone has an uncontrolled movement of the arm, leg, or head. Soon after that, the person suddenly loses consciousness, falls to the ground, and develops muscle spasms that are not involved. If you notice these signs in someone, you can do something to help that person.

Steps to take when others have epilepsy:

  • Is the person still being attacked or unconscious? Call an emergency number or someone close to you. Put the phone on the loudspeaker.
  • Try to put the victim in a position so that he does not injure himself.
  • Do not put anything in the victim’s mouth. In the first stage of an attack, the jaw muscles may suddenly become stiff. This can cause the victim to bite * their tongue, which is called the tongue. Biting the tongue cannot be prevented, even if something is put in the victim’s mouth.
  • If the victim recovers before the ambulance arrives, call the emergency number again for phone support.
  • Has the victim indicated that they often suffer from epilepsy? If so, then wait for the attack to take a course before calling an emergency number for phone help.

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