Does honey tea help fight colds or myths?

Nice and fun but really helpful?

If you have a sore throat, a cup of honey tea can have a soothing effect on the throat that sounds like a beating paper. But does a cup of tea with an open spoon of this beautiful honeycomb really help to alleviate your fever?

Honey can have beneficial effects on people with the flu.

Antibacterial properties
If you have a cold, it will certainly not hurt to put honey in your cup of tea. In fact, it may actually help to fight your cold. A nutritious substance has antibacterial properties. This is because of certain proteins that bees use to protect the hive and their food. These proteins also end up in the menstrual cycle which is why it has an anti-bacterial function.

Many benefits
Not only does honey have antimicrobial properties but it also has some great benefits. This item contains very little water – only 2 percent, to be exact. As a result, honey quickly absorbs moisture into your body as soon as it enters it. After that, the bee product catches the germs and that means they die very quickly.

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